Calculator of popular homemade antennas for digital networks Log periodic dipole array antenna calculator for Android. Amateur Radio Toolkit is the best app for ham radio hobbyists Tool to calculate the dimensions of antenna and matching systems. Antenna length calculator for ham radio, CB, or other radio applications. SatCatcher allows you to orient your dish to any satellite. Simple dipole antennas calculator for UHF Satfinder Geo Area Calculator with Clinometer is best app for finding satellites It helps to align antennas Satellite Finder -Satellite Director Align your satellite dish without a compass Online Antenna Arrays Calculator to calculate antenna array factor. Smart Aligner App for Multiwave Sensors Smart Aligner GPS Antenna Alignment Tool Antenna signal strength in dBm and asu in real-time right on your homescreen! Checking your internet speed test for GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G & Wifi connection MAX6 Vector Network Analyzer CarX Drift Racing Lite 4G 5G Signals Booster Prank app is a Joke / Fun / Simulator App. Radio frequency Inductor and choke calculator Free internet speed test, 3G/4G maps & network stats, compare operators globally Get maximum signal from your satellite dish, with help of Enigma2 based box Wifi booster is the best solution for wifi network connector every where. Align your Satellite Dish based on your current position.

The best Dish Pointer! All in one app on Antenna Theory Share your data or Wi-Fi connection with tablets, pc, android smart phones. This app is dedicated to the MetroVNA Network Analyzer Locate Surrounding Digital TV Antennas in the USA, UK, BR, AU, and CA for free! For a microwave communication link, use this app to determine the radiation. The Best RF Calculator App on Android. Simple application that facilitates the positioning of the satellite antenna Graphics display elevation, Azimuth, is smart satellite finder APP SatFinderAndroid is a geostationary satellite location and dish alignment tool. This calculator is designed to give the vertical length of a particular antenna. SatFinder (Satellite Finder) Geo area calculator and Level meter Use Network Signal Booster to dramatically boost your cellular signal strength. The Death Grip (Antenna reception issue) Home Wi-Fi of the Future. Get a good idea of the Cellular and WiFi signal strength, networks and speed. Is your cell phone network signal OK where you use it most?

Easy to use. A "analogic" WIFI SMETER. Detect wifi signal strength around you and Find best wifi signal strength area! See live detailed data about all of your signals: 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and more! For RF engineer or Ham Locate the nearest GSM cell towers around you! Wifi Distance Calculator Wifi Scanner to check Distance and Wifi Signal Strength around you Align your satellite dish without a compass and pointing error!

?????? Microwave Link Calculator is useful for telecommunications engineers. The gain of parabolic antenna Calculate power flux density, electric and magnetic field strength from TX power Adjust your satellite dish/antenna by using a SAT>IP server or IP-LNB. Ham Antenna Calculator Tools is for calculating Antennas Motorized CarX Drift Racing Lite for Tooway Optimize your WiFi network using WiFi Analyzer, No Location Permission! To calculate the length,radius & gap of the half wave dipole antenna. Simplifies antenna/modem installation for internet via satellite service on 36 The best free App on Satellite communications, learn a topic in a minute. Antenna length calculator for ham radio, CB, or other radio applications. Top network analyzer tool with wifi scanner, wifi analyser & website scanner Calculate the lengths needed to construct several popular antennas. The best satellite dish point calculator for TV or V-Sat antennas. Quickly determine half-wave dipole dimensions for HF Ham Radio bands. HamSphere 4.0 Mobile is a virtual portable Ham Radio transceiver. DVB-S2 Satellite Signal Meter via BluetoothFor buy Satfinder : Limits, Fits and Tolerances Calculator (ANSI System) Bipolar Transistor Tutorial full offlfine Discover the digital broadcast TV towers closer to you and aim your antenna. Is your 3g/4g/lte signal weak? Antennas and Wave Propagation / Antenna and Wave Propagation ABT is an alternative to a magnetic compass for antenna installers. Calculate measurements for common amateur radio antennas. Coax calculator tool for Coax 1.5 - Coax 18 Suite for anyone who likes radios A set of basic tools and resources for Radio Amateurs (aka ham radio operators) APTUS App is compatible with all the latest Intellian VSAT and TVRO antennas. Temperature Conversion Calculator Interact with the Satcom Direct Router installed on an aircraft. Software defined radio application for your pocket Calculate speed parameter, relubrication quantity and bearing free space at once Get measured by your device's camera for perfect fitting custom clothing. Easily find Amateur (Ham) Radio Repeaters across the World. This app that help people while they want to configure their satellite dish Finds EchoLink nodes near a given location and shows them on a map.

No ads. Inspector Nation HVAC Inspector Reference Calculator Radio range extender, it repeats everything it hears. The best slope finder, bubble level and Inclinometer for Phones or Tablets Measure the surface precisely with Best Level application! Professional social network, training, guidance, resources for career growth. The most recent frequencies Nilesat 7W 2018 Nuclear Medicine Calculations This puts everything needed for accurate flow testing at your fingertips. Enable Digital TV in your smart phone. The Best App on Data Communication & Networks, Learn a topic in a minute. eCalc is a simple tool to ease some common OpAmp calculations. Water Adjustment Calculator Diagnose bearing damage with images and sound clips Get your weld settings right from your device Align your Satellite Dish based on your current position.

The best Dish Pointer! The world's first highly personalized medical marijuana recommendation platform. Easy knitting guide OSCAR: Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio. I tell you where and when. SmartSeller is the tool for sellers.


DVB-S2 Satellite Signal Meter via BluetoothFor buy Satfinder : Limits, Fits and Tolerances Calculator (ANSI System) Bipolar Transistor Tutorial full offlfine

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